“Spirituality …” Day 3

Another good day, focusing on "the spirituality of leading" here in Wilmore, KY. We continue to enjoy our time here. This class is very diverse – people from all over the nation and some from around the world, representing various cultures. It’s good to return to a multi-cultural environment!

This is also a larger class than normal with 25 students. I believe that’s due to the fact that this class fit in two different degree tracks – leadership and spiritual formation.

And that’s a good thing (the double focus, not so much the class size). One of the things I need to nail down this year is an idea/topic for my dissertation. The main idea I’ve been toying around with is "spiritual leadership." That’s probably too broad, so I’m trying to develop some ideas/topics within that broad category. I’m hoping to get some direction about this, this week.

Saying "yes" to God
This has been a significant theme this week. We must continually say yes to God. Am I saying yes to what God is calling, or am I saying no? Am I going to have the courage to lead this church where it needs to go?

“Why are pastors experts on the Truth and dropouts on the Way?” That’s a question Eugene Peterson asked in his book, “The Contemplative Pastor,” which is one of the most influential books I’ve read in my life (early 1990s). In other words, our talk and our walk must agree!

Finally, Joleen and I invited classmates to join us in watching a movie in Lexington, KY last night. We went to watch the End of the Spear. It’s a well-done movie with a great message. One of the lessons from the movie is that if you live with reckless abandon (such as Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, and the other missionaries demonstrated), the greatest fruit from your life will come after you are gone from this world. I may say more about the movie later when I get more of an opportunity.

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