“Spirituality …” Day 4

Every class I’ve taken so far has been an excellent, growing and transforming experience. I’m grateful for that! Every class has been different, and complementary of one another. And all are somewhat tiring.

This class, though, with its heavy introspection and focus on sin (and holiness) has made this an even more tiring class. Not only have we been physically challenged, but we’ve also been emotionally and spiritually challenged as well. And that’s a good thing!

There’s too much to share at the end of each day, but I’ll post one quote here. One of the books we read for this class (which we talked about a little today) was Rebuilding Your Broken World by Gordon MacDonald. It’s a book that I think everyone should read, and I especially consider it required reading for every pastor!

As the title indicates, it’s a book about rebuilding one’s broken world. And whose world has not been broken?

Well, here’s a quote from page 161 …

“ … repentance is not a one-time act; it is actually a spiritual lifestyle. To live in a constant state of repentance is to acknowledge that the heart is always ready to drift into wrong directions and must constantly be jerked back to control. This is not a call to morbid introspection that is always on a sin search, putting ourselves down. But it is an honest recognition that the inward part of us is inclined toward rebellion and disobedience against our Maker. And it will always be that way until the end of time.”

I like that. Repentance is "a spiritual lifestyle." Humilty is required if we’re going to follow Jesus with reckless abandon!

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