“Spirituality …” Day 5

Fridays are half-days in the dmin program at Asbury. And today was very laidback. We began the day, as we did each day, with a time of devotion and worship in Fletcher Chapel. The worship time was a real highlight of the week’s experience!

After worship time, we talked about our final paper (due within the next couple of months), and we watched a video that’s in the process of being produced that talks about holiness in the context of hiking and backpacking up a high mountain in Colorado. The video featured Steve and some of his close friends making their way up to the summit.

Joleen and I left Asbury around noon and got home around 9:00 pm. It’s been a long week and a very long day. I’ll try to get some rest tonight, then spend the day tomorrow preparing for Sunday! And, needless to say, we are really looking forward to a day of rest on Monday, our day off!

It was a great week. The lectures and discussion were meaningful and stretching. Daily time spent in small groups was valuable. Shared meals with friends at area restaurants were nice. And I especially enjoyed and appreciated the international students that were in class with us, representing Nigeria, Ecuador, Nova Scotia/Canada as well as missionaries to South Africa and one on leave (who was in South or Central America, I believe). It’s always refreshing — as well as challenging — to spend time with friends and colleagues in such an intensive environment!

Well, I’m back on Sunday and we will continue with our series on Numbers 13-14, "Let’s Conquer the Land!" This Sunday, we’ll take a closer look at two important people of faith in this story — Joshua and Caleb. They were men of faith, courage, and integrity, even in the face of unfaithfulness and rebellion!

Wanted: Joshuas and Calebs!

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