I’m in Wilmore, KY this week!

I am posting this while we’re on our afternoon break. As you may know Joleen and I are in Wilmore, KY this week for our ninth and final class in the D.Min. program at Asbury Theological Seminary. This course begins the final 17-month stretch of this journey. It promises to be a meaningful, albeit grueling, process. I am excited about it, but we would definitely appreciate your prayers for us over the course of this last leg of our D.Min. journey!

It’s been a good, though tough, week. We’re learning about how to write a dissertation — not an overly exciting topic, but extremely necessary. We are also trying to settle on and clarify the topics we’re going to spend the next year or so researching and writing on. My topic is finally starting to take some significant shape today (I’ll try to say more about that later when I have more time). In fact, just before the break I was the next-to-last student to discuss my topic. The feedback I received was the professor and the students was extremely helpful!

Well, I’ll try to post again before leaving on Friday after lunch.

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