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I wrote a "breaking news" report for 12th Street’s Easter Sunrise service. If there would have been a cable news network 2,000 years ago, the morning Jesus rose from the dead might have looked a little like this …

[News Anchor]: We interrupt your regular Sunday morning routine to bring you some breaking news related to the recent trial and execution of Jesus of Nazareth. Let’s go to our correspondent at the scene for the latest developments. Randy, I understand you have some breaking news to report.

[Randy]: That’s right, Jennifer. I’m here just outside Jerusalem, near the tomb where Jesus of Nazareth, a young up and coming rabbi, was buried recently.

As we’ve been covering this year’s Passover, the big story has been Jesus. It all started last week when he arrived in Jerusalem. He received red-carpet treatment with thousands of people waving palm branches and throwing their coats on the roadway in front of him and shouting "Save us!"

During the week, Jesus spent much of his time teaching the crowds that gathered to listen to him. But early in the week, Jesus caused quite a stir in the Temple by driving out the people selling animals for religious sacrifices. In fact, after this incident, religious leaders put out a warrant for Jesus’ arrest.

Late Thursday evening, after Jesus and his disciples, celebrated the Passover meal together, law enforcement picked up Jesus and brought him in for questioning. Inside sources tell 12th Street News that it was one of Jesus’ own disciples who betrayed him.

The court conducted a speedy trial overnight and handed down a sentence of death by crucifixion, and Jesus was crucified at noon on Friday. Bloodied and badly beaten, the medical examiner placed his time of death around 3:00 pm.

The body of Jesus was placed in the tomb just behind me. Due to the high profile of this case, officials placed Roman soldiers at the tomb where Jesus was buried.

And that brings us to the breaking news this morning. We’ve just received word that a group of women arrived here at Jesus’ tomb earlier this morning. When they arrived, they claim that Jesus’ body was missing.

And their story gets pretty bizarre from there. They claim they had a conversation with an angel who told them Jesus came back to life and he will be appearing to his disciples shortly.

You can imagine the stir this is causing officials here. The CSI Jerusalem team is still conducting their investigation in the tomb and won’t let our cameras in.

An APB has been placed for Jesus’ disciples. Investigators want to talk to them to find out what they know about the disappearance of Jesus’ body.

We’re also waiting for a press conference later this morning by the Centurion’s Department for the latest updates on this breaking news. We’ll bring that to you live.

But for now, everyone is asking, was Jesus body taken from the tomb to make it look like he rose from the dead, or did he really rise from the dead?

Well, that’s the latest news from here. Now back to you!

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