Adoption Timeline

We’ve been given a general idea about what the timeline for adoption might look like!

Earlier this week, we received a response from AIAA, giving some kind of idea about what to expect, in terms of a timeline for the rest of the adoption process. We initiated the process last January with the general expectation of a one year process. It could actually take a little more than a year due to some changes South Korea made at the beginning of this year.

As we reported earlier, we are on the waiting list for adoption from Korea. All of our documents were sent to Korea 24 July 2007. The wait time for a boy right now is at least 5-6 months (that would put referral as early as December or January). From that point, we’d be looking at a trip to South Korea as early as March (although it could be later). However, our local adoption agency, Adoption Horizons, informs us that it could possibly be sooner.

All of that said, we are trusting God to work everything out in his timing!

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