Dissertation Timeline

A thumbnail sketch of the rest of the dissertation journey.

We just posted an Adoption Timeline so we thought now we’ll post what the timeline looks like for finishing our dissertations.

Our proposal hearings are currently being scheduled at the D.Min. office at Asbury. They’re expected to be in late September. Between now and then we’ll be making corrections to the edited copy which we expect to receive back from the editor at Asbury any day now. We will also be setting up our projects for October.

When we go to Asbury, we will tack on some much-needed vacation time, including a trip to visit Randy’s family in TN. When we return, we will work on completing our ministry projects (more on that in future posts) in October so that we can write the final two chapters (4 and 5) in November. That will give us a few weeks to submit drafts for our defense.

Defenses must be scheduled/completed between 01.02.2008 and 04.18.2008 for a 05.24.2008 graduation. We are hoping to be on the front end of that time period as much as possible because we expect our adoption process to be culminating at about the same time. 🙂

We are grateful to God for this journey we’re on and for his help throughout the process. We don’t just want this experience to be a “hoop” that we have to jump through for graduation (we’ve never approached it that way!). We really want it to be a learning, growing, and spiritually-challenging experience.

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