Legendary Coaches: Lute Olson

I’ve (Randy) been posting quotes from the legendary coaches special feature on the We Are Marshall DVD. So far, I’ve covered Jack Lengyel, Bobby Bowden, and Pat Summit.

Lute Olson has some great quotes as well. “If you’re going to be good, you’re gonna have to be dedicated.” (Olson)

On motivation …

If you’re gonna coach, you have to make them better than they think they can be. And that’s not easy. That’s gonna take a lot of pushing and shoving, and, you know, some tough times.

On hard work …

In the current time, people are always looking for that quick fix, okay? You know, ‘I want this, but I don’t wanna have to spend the time and put the effort in to accomplish this.’ And that’s the great thing about athletics, that’s not possible. If you’re going to be good, you’re gonna have to be dedicated. The game is a game of fundamentals. There’s no way for someone to develop fundamentals other than through drill work and concentration on what they’re doing.

On adversity …

I think dealing with adversity, how you deal with it, is going to have a big effect on what you can accomplish during the course of your life.

On the value of living every day …

There have been so many situations that have happened in my lifetime, where, all of a sudden, someone that you would not think would be facing death is gone, like that. How can anyone think that death is gonna come at the time when I expect it to come? It’s not. Live every day. I’ve heard it too many times, ‘I wish I had …’ Okay, so if you wish you had, start doing it right now.

See the We are Marshall page at imdb.com. Also, see our review of the movie.

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