Legendary Coaches: George Horton

We’re nearing the end of this series of posts about legendary coaches from the special feature on the We Are Marshall DVD. See my (Randy) earlier posts on Jack Lengyel, Bobby Bowden, Pat Summit, and Lute Olson.

“… it’s the quality of time that we spend.” (Horton)

Of all the coaches featured, I was the least familiar with George Horton, manager of the California State Titans baseball team. While I didn’t transcribe a lot of his words, I did enjoy listening to him talk about his experiences as a leader of his team.

On quality time …

If I had to say what is my philosophy, we think the difference in Cal State Fullerton baseball, and all the others that are out there, is not the time that we spend, it’s the quality of time that we spend. And doing everything. And I think you could say that in every endeavor that you take in into your life.

To learn more about the movie, see the We are Marshall page at imdb.com. Also, see our review of the movie.

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