Cross-Cultural Experience

As part of our Doctor of Ministry program at Asbury, we are required to complete a cross-cultural experience. We plan to complete our cross-cultural experience in Korea (when we go to pick up our baby).

Thanks to our bishop, Bishop Jane Allen Middleton, for putting us in contact with Bishop Jeremiah Park (bishop of NY area), originally from Jae-Chun, Korea, who put us in contact with a friend of his, Rev. Yong Jai Jun, in Korea.

Rev. Jun is the senior pastor of Flame Methodist Church in Sung Nam City, near Seoul. Bishop Park describes Flame Methodist Church as one of the most vibrant Methodist churches in Korea. We are in the process of coordinating our cross-cultural experience with Rev. Jun.

We look forward to seeing and participating in the work of the church while in Korea. We are somewhat aware of our Westernized Christianity, and we pray that God will give us a glimpse of a part of himself that we are currently unaware as we observe another part of the body of Christ. We pray that God will deepen our spiritual walks as well as our leadership in his Church!

So, we’ll go to Korea for two purposes: 1) to pick up our baby boy, and 2) to experience as much of the culture, including the church culture, as we can while we’re there. We will post lots of reflection and photos here about our experience in Korea, and we invite you to experience the Korean culture with us by reading along.

God continues to work out all the details regarding our adoption and doctor of ministry journeys. We are so grateful!

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