First Full Drafts Done!

joleenatworkIf you’ve been following our doctor of ministry journey and/or adoption journey, you know we’ve both been pushing to get our first full, 5-chapter drafts in to our mentor by the time we go to Korea. Expecting a call from Korea any day now has put the pressure on us to get them done (not to mention the fact that our final deadline is approaching!).

While completing these drafts won’t give us too much of a breather, it is a huge weight off our shoulders. And maybe we will be able to reclaim our kitchen and dining room space!

randyatworkToday, we both finally completed our first full drafts, one year after beginning this dissertation-writing process. Having completed our proposal hearings in late September, our field research in November and December, we were finally ready to write the last two chapters in January. In case you missed it, click here to read a little about our dissertation topics.

What’s next?

We’ll email our drafts to our mentor tomorrow afternoon. While we wait to hear back from our mentor, we will work on revising/updating chapter 2 (the literature review, which is never really done until the end). Basically, we have about 4 weeks or so (which is expected to include a trip to Korea!) to work with our mentor, Dr. Russell West, in getting our drafts ready to be submitted to the D.Min. office so that our defenses can be scheduled (probably in April). Assuming we survive all of that on time, we hope to graduate in May!

Thanks to all those who have been praying us through this! 8)

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