One Step Closer

Just before the local post office closed this afternoon, we mailed our defense drafts — 3 copies from each of us — to the doctor of ministry office for the members of our dissertation committees.

Every step is one step closer to the finish line.

Throughout this program, which we began more than 4 years ago, we’ve experienced a lot of pressure, and at times, a lot of relief (e.g., the end of each class and at various milestones of the dissertation writing process). But this step brings the greatest sense of relief so far.

We’ve got a *few* steps left, including …

  • Defend our dissertations at next week’s defense hearings in Kentucky (mine on Thursday and Joleen’s on Friday).
  • Then, we’ll have three short weeks for final edits, including, (1) making committee-recommended changes and (2) making final revisions after our drafts are edited one last time.
  • Then, we go to graduation — in 46 days!

Along with the extra sense of relief tonight is an extra dose of gratitude for God’s presence and help throughout this part of our journey!

4 thoughts on “One Step Closer”

  1. Congratulations on getting one step closer. It sounds as though everything is coming together for the Willis family. Ethan seems to be thriving and looks like a very healthy, happy boy in the pics you have shared. Good luck on your trip next week and with your hearings, I’m sure God will be with you every step of the way.

  2. 46 days! We wish great luck with your defenses.
    Good luck on your trip & we hope Ethan does well with the traveling. I bet Randy’s family is so thrilled to get to meet Ethan.
    We love to be able to see the pictures of Ethan growing and SO happy.


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