Prayers for the Transition

A few weeks ago, I prepared a list of prayer points, at Centre Grove’s request, to help guide people in praying for us during this time of transition. I’ve updated the prayer points for this post and invite you to be in prayer for us as well as Centre Grove and West Side as we get started.

  • Ask God to strengthen us as we continue to get settled in Clearfield.
  • Ask God to grant us favor at Centre Grove and West Side and with the people of Clearfield. May God give us a renewed sense of vision and passion, as well as courage to lead others as God leads us.
  • Ask God to bless Ethan who’s making his second major move in less than 5 months (of course, this time, he gets to keep the same parents, culture, language, etc. 🙂 ). We plan to say more about how he’s handling the transition sometime later.
  • Ask God to give us wisdom (knowing what’s right) and courage (doing what’s right, even when it’s hard).
  • Ask God to bless our walks with God, including our daily time with God. May God give us listening hearts so that we may discern God’s yearning for ourselves, our family, and for the communities God calls us to lead.

See also: Praying for Pastors and Prayers for the Journey.

Thanks for your prayers!

1 thought on “Prayers for the Transition”

  1. We had a sweet time of praise and prayer at Centre Grove last evening. I was pleased to learn that one woman has prayed through the prayer guide we provided daily–sometimes twice a day! As we concluded one person prayed for West Side, another for Centre Grove. I felt called to pray for Trinity–in light of the recent tragedy that has hit that church. Maybe in the future we could even have a similar service with West Side. Nancy


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