First Fourth

Hhaving brought Ethan home from Korea less than 5 months ago, we find ourselves marking a lot of firsts during this time.

Yesterday was our first Fourth of July celebration with Ethan. And, because of the move, it was also our first day off in a while, a day to catch our breath and relax a little before our first weekend in our new churches.

We grilled out for the first time this year. Ethan spent time in his new pool. And we finished the day with our first trip to the Old Town Road Dairy.

Here are some photos from the day …

3 thoughts on “First Fourth”

  1. I’m glad your move went well and that you are semi-settled in Clearfield…. it looks like Ethan is enjoying his frog pool. I bought the same one for Jordan Thomas! I hope he is able to enjoy it next week…. I am babysitting while Rebekah and Jordan head to Texas to find a place to live… let’s hope I don’t wear out too soon :o) I’m so happy to be able to keep up with your exciting lives via this website..
    Love to all.

  2. Awww! Ethan looks so cute in the pool. The “monkey’s’ are starting to talk now. They look like little monkeys/penguines walking now. We are all hoping that you can make it to the picnic at your mom’s.
    Love ya all!!

  3. Sorry we missed Ethan’s first 4th of July. It looks like he really enjoyed it AND THAT NEW POOL! He is sure a happy boy and I miss him.


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