First Sunday

We have our first Sunday in! And all went well. I attended the Saturday evening praise service at West Side, but the SPRC was gracious in lining up someone else to preach this week. I said a few words of introduction and made the announcements and prayer concerns (good practice for Sunday morning) followed by a time of prayer. Ethan enjoyed the service with us. Last week all three of us were able to attend this service together.

West Side has an early service on Sundays throughout the summer. It is located in the Chapel in the basement of the church. I joked with Wesley Chapel when I was leaving Manor Hill, saying, “I won’t have anyone to practice on!” They were my first of three services on Sundays. But this summer I still get to preach twice on Sundays.

West Side hosted a Coffee Hour following the service so I could meet the people of the congregation. It was a very nice time and the people were all very warm and welcoming and very complementary regarding my first service. I certainly don’t remember all the names, but I am beginning to put some names and faces together.

Randy’s first service at Centre Grove went well too. They are holding a dessert and fellowship next Sunday, just before their monthly “concert on the lawn” series, so that we can meet the people there. Everyone has been very warm and welcoming of us!

Our services are scheduled in such a way that the only time we need childcare is during West Side’s 10:45 service (and/or Randy’s 10:15). The previous Sunday I attended this service in order to acquaint Ethan with the nursery. He did very well. But we don’t want him in the nursery all the time so that he knows what church is.

This Sunday the assistant lay leader kept Ethan. He had not met her prior to the service, but he went with her and did very well. He fell asleep during my sermon, as usual 🙂 . It was just as though Ethan knew that this was Mommy’s time to lead worship, and he cooperated.

We are grateful to God for the day.

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