Ethan’s Day at the Beach

Ethan made his first trip to the beach on Wednesday. Ocean City, NJ is just a quick one hour drive from where my aunt and uncle live. We arrived late morning and spent the afternoon there.

Ethan really enjoyed playing in the sand. We took a wagon of sand toys we had purchased earlier this summer when we got his inflatable pool. His favorite part was shoveling. Wanda and I enjoyed using the molds to make assorted shapes in the sand. Ethan enjoyed knocking the tall ones over!

Ethan did not take to the ocean water too well. He didn’t want in it, but was okay to be held while we stood in it. When we got back to the house I gave him a bath first thing and he cried … he didn’t want in the tub water either, which has never been a big deal before.

We all had a fun day, except for the sunburn that Randy got on his feet and I got on my back. Thankfully Ethan was well covered in sunscreen.

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