Learning the Boundaries

IMG_1414Life is full of boundaries — moral, ethical, and legal boundaries. There are some things you cannot do. There are limits. When you cross a boundary, there are consequences.

Knowing the boundaries is important!

This lesson was driven home to us this week as we spent time at Joleen’s aunt and uncle’s house in New Jersey. Because it was a new place, Ethan didn’t know the boundaries — everything was in play.

We had to watch him constantly to keep him from getting into things he needed to stay out of — fragile things, the dog’s food dish, a large cactus plant, etc.

As Ethan matures it will become more and more important that he knows where the boundaries are. Hopefully, learning the boundaries now will prepare him for a strong, healthy life down the road.

This week at Jim and Wanda’s, Ethan learned to open a door for the first time, making knowing the boundaries now even more important!

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