Life Realignment

Vacations provide an opportunity to catch our breath. Just about every time Joleen and I are on vacation we usually end up talking about adjustments we need to make in our lives to maintain a healthy way of living so that we don’t get so “out of breath” along life’s journey when we’re not on vacation.

Now, as we complete this vacation and move forward, there are four things that we need to focus on …

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Rest
  • Tank-Filling Activities (check out a brief summary of a sermon on “Filling Your Tank” in a post on A Resilient Life).

Watch for a post on each of these four areas over the next several days describing why we think each is important and how we plan to do develop each area in our lives.

Similar to what I wrote recently in my post on Routines, these areas have been thrown into a tailspin this year and are in need of revamping. We plan to work on these areas in the days ahead.

All four of these areas are important for our health. We have extra motivation, too, with Ethan. We want Ethan to learn these practices as he grows.

And we’re counting on one of the “side effects” of these practices (i.e., healthy living) — more energy! 🙂

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