Snow Day

Last year, after we brought Ethan home from Korea (mid-February), winter was already well under way in central PA, but Ethan didn’t seem too interested in snow at the time.

This year, Ethan’s first experience with snow was the trucks that come and plow the church parking lot, usually while he’s sleeping. It scared Ethan the first two or three times (not only does he hear the plow, he feels it each time the truck drops its plow on the parking lot). It still wakes him but it doesn’t seem to scare him anymore (but he does like for us to hold him so he can watch the truck plow the lot).

Today, we got our biggest snowstorm of the year so far and Ethan got to watch cars, buses, and trucks (including snow plows) drive in the snow on Nichols Street. He also got to do a little snow shoveling in the back yard with his new toy shovel that he got for Christmas.

Here are some photos from the day …

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