Our Journey to Korea Begins Soon

Early tomorrow morning, we’ll drive to Dulles International Airport (Washington D.C.) for a 1:25 p.m. takeoff. Fourteen and a half hours later, we are scheduled to land in Incheon International Airport, near Seoul, Korea.

This has been an interesting week with, as I’ve said before, mixed emotions. On the one hand, we leave behind the child who was the reason for our first trip. On the other hand, we go to Korea to bring home the newest member of our family (which, in itself, will be traumatic for our baby girl, at first). Those are pretty intense emotions!

It’s been interesting to watch Ethan this week. I’ve been saying that Ethan probably understands more than we give him credit for. He seems to have a sense that something is about to happen. One of his newest phrases this week is, “Don’t leave me” (e.g., when one of us is leaving the room). We know he’ll be fine, but it won’t be the easiest of weeks (at least, not for us).

Because of the 13 hours time difference, we’re scheduled to land in Korea just before 5:00 p.m. Tuesday (Korea time), but it will feel like 4:00 a.m. to us. We should be ready for bed after we reach the SWS Guest House a couple hours later, then we can begin afresh Wednesday morning.

Well, our next post will probably be written from Korea!

7 thoughts on “Our Journey to Korea Begins Soon”

  1. I experienced “mixed emotions” reading this post. The excitment of your writing about picking up (your) baby girl was countered with Ethan asking you not to leave. We know that he will be fine but requests like that certainly tug on the heart strings.

  2. Jerry and I will be praying for all of you. It is so exciting to know in a week you will have your family together! I know how hard it is for you to leave Ethan. He is smart but he will adjust. He just goes with the flow. He may be a little upset at first but he will grow to love his sister. We will check with Grandma and see if she needs any help. Looking forward to hearing your comments and seeing your little girl! (Let us know when you have a name!!)

  3. Our prayers are with you. Leaving Ethan is most likely harder on you than on him. Kids have amazing coping skills (have been around a few kids) and you will be back soon. Have a safe trip.

  4. Randy & Joleen — We are so happy for you and your new bundle of joy. I know how hard it is to leave Ethan and you will all miss each other but wait to see his face when you bring a baby sister home to see him. When we brought Beth home to see William, he was so excited and wanted to feed the baby. I am sure Ethan will be the same. You are right that you life will change adding another person into your family. There will be great things about it and difficult things about it but God will be faithful in all situations and you will see His joy in both your children’s lives and yours. We’d love to see pixs when you have them and look forward to your next visit here so we can see her in person.

  5. We’ll be praying for you every step of your journey. And I’m sure that Ethan will miss you, but he is such a perceptive child that I’m sure he knows how important this separation is…plus Grammy can spoil him rotten!!!!

  6. Your Dad and I have been thinking and talking about your trip and how excited we are for both of you. Enjoy your time togather with your little girl. I know this is a long trip and in the end you will be glad that Ethan did stay with his Grammy and Pappy where he had a ball and so did they. All of your family in TN cann’t wait to see all 4 of you. You have our love and prayers


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