First Hours with Sarah

A lot has happened in the last few days. We’ve introduced our new baby girl, Sarah, to the world, shortly after meeting her, ourselves. We’ve written about the beginning of Sarah’s transition into our family (which will continue over the weeks and months to come), continued in a post about being ready to go home.

Overall, today, our one and only full day together in Seoul before flying home tomorrow, has been a very good day (which has included only a few fussy moments).

She’s having some fussy moments now,though, as we finish up packing while also trying to get her to go to sleep. But we’re hoping for another good night and good, though long, trip home!

FYI, our 13+ hour flight is scheduled to depart from Korea tomorrow at 10:40 a.m. Korea time (Friday, 9:40 p.m. Eastern Time). We would appreciate your prayers for a good flight with Sarah (and 3.5-hour car ride home in a car seat, most likely a new experience for her)!

Well, before we finish up in Korea, here are some images from yesterday and today, from our first hours with Sarah.

4 thoughts on “First Hours with Sarah”

  1. Great pictures! Great beginning! Hope you have some new little toys or books for her on the way home in her car seat. Also, hope that the car lulls her to sleep! Praying for a smooth, uncomplicated return home.

  2. Thanks for the pictures. (love the one in the crib) She looks to be adjusting well.
    Prayers are with you for a safe return home.

    God is with you,

  3. We’re so happy that things are going well…it has been a fun experience to read along with you. You will continue to be in our prayers for the trip home….and once you get here!

    Congrats again and God Bless.

  4. Joleen, That picture with you holding Sarah in the holder around your neck – favors the one of Ethan’s like that. Also, the picture of you putting Sarah in the car seat – They are really going to look like brother and sister! Mom


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