Staying Connected to Ethan

In A Labor of Love we tell of the DVD that Randy and I made for Ethan to watch while we are away.

We hoped it would be a good thing, and not make him sad. We tried to make most of it fun, along with our bedtime routine. I’ve been staying in touch with Grammy by email and asked how Ethan is liking it.

Grammy said that Ethan waves to us on the TV, and that “he really thinks it is funny.” He played the drum with the video segment of he and I playing. Ethan said the funny syllables along with the video segment where he and daddy do that together. He sang “Old McDonald” along with Mommy singing on the DVD. Grammy took some pictures of Ethan watching us.

Grammy also said that she showed him Sarah on the computer and he said it was him when he was a baby.

We’ve emailed some messages to Ethan along with our love and hugs. Ethan responded to an email, saying,

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We miss that little guy so much! At every turn something reminds us of him. I laid awake last night thinking of a sleeping “Sarah” and of my active little boy (whom I tell will always be my baby boy) as it was afternoon in the States.

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