First 100 Days with Sarah

While singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness” this morning at Centre Grove, for some reason it struck me that we should be right around the 100 day mark since we’ve had Sarah. And sure enough, yesterday was day 100. In Korea, families traditionally celebrate a child’s 100th day (from birth) because the first 100 days were … Read more

Ten Percent from the Bishop’s Retreat

At last week’s Bishop’s Retreat, Gilbert Rendle talked about the change that’s taking place in the world and in the church as well as the leadership that’s needed, as a result of the cultural change. At the end of his presentation on Tuesday evening, Rendle challenged attendees to discover the “ten percent” (the amount of … Read more

Checking in on Sarah

As you may recall, we are required to complete three visits with our caseworker in the first six months that Sarah is with us (after which we can move toward finalizing the adoption). Since our caseworker (Cindy) is in Carlisle, we made plans to connect on our way home from the Bishop’s Retreat yesterday afternoon. … Read more

Halftime at the Bishop’s Retreat

We are at the halfway point at the 2010 Bishop’s Retreat of the Central Pennsylvania Conference of The United Methodist Church. We arrived at the retreat, which is taking place at the Willow Valley Resort in Lancaster, PA. Last year, our first time to attend the annual retreat, we came a day early to get … Read more

Thinking About Sarah

Yesterday, on our day off, we dropped Sarah off at Grammy and Pappy’s in Williamsburg on our way to Altoona, where we had some things to do. We also thought it would be a good time to spend with Ethan (next week, we plan to drop Ethan off and spend some time with Sarah). After … Read more

Intentional Faith Development 3.0

A year ago, Centre Grove’s church council began reading Bishop Robert Schnase‘s Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations. I’m blogging the journey and have written several posts tagged Five Practices. It’s been a while since I’ve written about our experience with the Five Practices, partly because we’ve been slowly making our way through Intentional Faith Development … Read more

Days Like This

We got up and left early this morning for a district pastor’s gathering with the Bishop in State College. Shortly after arriving home this afternoon, it was time for the kids’ afternoon naps. Later, we got the kids up in time for a quick dinner before both of us headed off to evening meetings (we … Read more

Success vs. Significance in the Movies

I am surprised by how often the theme of success vs. significance shows up in movies, that is, that significance is more important than success, or that relationships are more important than career. The basic storyline usually involves a main character who becomes so focused on success that they eventually alienate those around them, usually … Read more

New Year’s Professional Photos

On New Year’s Day, we had photos taken at JCPenney Portrait Studios. (See a couple previous episodes when Ethan turned 2 as well as our first time, when Ethan was Sarah’s current age). Yesterday’s experience wasn’t the smoothest, but we were somehow able to get a few decent shots. Below are our favorites, honorable mentions, … Read more