The Overflow

Lately, I’ve been reminded about a fairly common idea/phrase — leading/ministering out of the overflow. This is why preparation — ongoing personal growth — is so important. Last fall, I wrote about preparation in one of my posts on “The Nines” (specifically The Nines Marathon; see also More on the Nines) and continued the reflection … Read more

“The Future of The United Methodist Church”

I picked up a copy of The Future of the United Methodist Church: 7 Vision Pathways at annual conference and read it a couple of weeks ago. The book is edited by Bishops Scott jones and Bruce Ough with contributions from eight other bishops. In a previous post, I listed 4 Talking Points about United … Read more

Ethan’s Repertoire

It has been fun to watch (or hear) Ethan’s repertoire of worship songs develop over the last 13 months. At Annual Conference in 2009, I happened to be holding (then two-year-old) Ethan at the beginning of an evening service (giving him break from all-day childcare) as the band opened with “Trading My Sorrows,” a modern … Read more

Church Shopping on Vacation

It’s Sunday and we’re on vacation so we needed to find a place to worship. It was an interesting process! First, visiting churches has multiple purposes for us. With both of us being pastors, it’s a rare opportunity for the four of us to attend worship together as a family. Because we are pastors, we … Read more

West Virginia Vacation, Day 6

Ethan was the first to spot a deer during a picnic lunch today. It stuck around long enough for a few photos, including this one …

West Virginia Vacation, Day 3

The internet went down here sometime yesterday, so we’re posting our favorite photo from day 3 (our second full day here) a little late. Unfortunately, we didn’t take the camera on the hike in the morning due to the heavy fog / light drizzle. I carried Sarah on my back for the 2-mile hike and … Read more