Desperate Preachers 4.0

Ikeep thinking I’ve written my last post in this series, but here’s yet another one. Maybe it’ll be my last (for a while).

I’m posting another update mainly because the week after the last post, I made significant changes to it — more in structure/grammar than in content. I think it feels more natural this way. I’ll be on vacation the next two Sundays, so it should be safe for a while! 🙂

I haven’t really defined yet what I mean by “desperate preachers.” They’re simply people who realize their desperate need for God in the preparation for and the preaching of God’s Word.

So, here’s the latest version of the …

Desperate Preacher’s Prayer Guide
Lord, may the preaching of your Word make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!

I …
Surrender. Yield. Humble myself. Am available. Am desperate. Give you my all.

Give me …
Clean hands. Pure heart. Power. Passion. Urgency. Courage. Compassion. Your armor.

Help me to be …
Useful. A conduit. A connector. A prophet (speak for God). A Truth-teller. Biblically-grounded. Spirit-filled. Clear. Focused. Concise.

Transform lives …
Saturate us. Penetrate hearts. Plant seeds. Stir up. Break apart. Tear down. Build up. Draw out. Produce fruit. Awaken. Revive. Renew. Transform.

To review earlier versions, see 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.

If you’re preacher, what do you pray before you preach? If you’re a listener, what do you pray leading up to or during the preaching of the message?

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