Sarah’s Journey to 18 Months

Iposted photos of Ethan’s Journey to Three. While Sarah isn’t as old as Ethan and hasn’t been with as long, her growth and development is still noticeable. Here are some photos to show how she has grown/changed over the course of our brief journey together so far …

Ethan’s Journey to Three

We’ve charted some of the highlights of Ethan and Sarah’s lives over the past few years. Many of the photos are scattered across the posts on this blog. Here are nine photos taken at various points in Ethan’s life that show his growth from a baby to a 3-year-old.

Ethan’s First Day of Preschool

Ethan turned 3 over the summer and today was his first day of preschool. (Photo here was taken just before Ethan headed off to school.) We weren’t sure how Ethan would handle being dropped off in an unfamiliar place (last spring’s school visit and last week’s orientation probably helped). But when Mommy dropped Ethan off … Read more

Sarah’s First Haircut

Last Thursday, Sarah finally had her first haircut, at 18 months. Ethan was 14 months old when he had his first haircut. We had no real idea how she would handle her first haircut, but she handled it very well. Here’s proof …

Fantasy Football 2010 Underway

Last night was pretty wild. It was draft night for third season of fantasy football for some people from Centre Grove (and beyond). We had 12 players (or “teams”) the first year, 14 last year, and this year, we’ve gone to two leagues of 12 teams each! (I wrote about my first season of fantasy … Read more