Fantasy Football 2010 Underway

IMG_1889Last night was pretty wild. It was draft night for third season of fantasy football for some people from Centre Grove (and beyond). We had 12 players (or “teams”) the first year, 14 last year, and this year, we’ve gone to two leagues of 12 teams each! (I wrote about my first season of fantasy football in December 2008, and I wrote a post on Life Lessons from Fantasy Football last year.)

I’m playing in both leagues to give “everyone a shot at the pastor” and both drafts were conducted at the same time, which means I had a pretty intense 90 minutes last night (15 rounds and up to 90 seconds per selection). Making it even more challenging was the fact that I had to watch Sarah as well.

I set up “draft central” in the kitchen so I could stand at the counter, limit Sarah’s movement to one room, and hang out with Sarah in between selections (while also planning my next moves). I also brought in several toys to keep her busy.

During the 30 minutes before the draft(s), Sarah showed signs of tiredness/fussiness but actually did very well once the draft started. She must’ve sensed the importance of situation!

The big concern going in to last night was keeping the two drafts straight. Also, if I was on the clock at the same time in each league, that could’ve been a problem. But it went pretty well. Conducting two drafts at the same time, though, prevented me from paying too much attention to what other “owners” were doing; I had to focus so much on my next draft picks.

It was pretty intense. I’m curious how I’ll like playing in two leagues. Conceivably, players who help me win in one league could, at the same time, cause me to lose in the other league. But it’s fun to interact with others from the church and some new friends outside the church that I might not connect with otherwise.

It should be interesting!

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  1. Love the picture! Does the fact that Sarah perked up once the draft started indicate that she has “cheerleading” in her genes?


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