Journeys & Destinations

Over the weekend, I remembered that after this Saturday’s ordination service, we will receive a certificate stating that we are ordained elders in the UMC. It made me wonder where our other official certificates/diplomas (mainly, academics degrees) are. What I found struck me as kind of funny.

Our M.Div. diplomas remain in envelopes hidden in the back of a spare bedroom/library closet (mainly because they’re huge). In the same closet, I found my Bachelor’s diploma, as well as both of our D.Min. diplomas, in the envelopes in which they were mailed to us in 2008. My envelope had been opened, but Joleen’s envelope still hasn’t been opened.

Well, maybe we’ll hang them on a wall someday. But I’ve always said, when it comes to education, the journey is at least as important as the destination.

That was true in academic programs. That’s also true in this ordination journey that will be completed this week. On Saturday, we complete a major chapter in our lives. We’ll enjoy the destination. The destination will make the journey worth it. But in the end, it was the journey that shaped us!

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