Fantasy Football 2012

With apologies to non-sports/football fans, but this is my annual fantasy football post. Previous posts included: Fantasy Football (2008), Life Lessons from Fantasy Football (2009), Fantasy Football 2010 Underway, and Getting Ready for Fantasy Football 2011.

This is my fifth season playing fantasy football (all in our church league at Centre Grove). My strategy has evolved over the years. This year, I’ve tried to streamline my preparation and research even more than in the past, and the following is my current strategy.

I follow a number of fantasy football experts on Twitter. I’m currently following 41 people, but it’s changes periodically, as I add some and remove others to keep the list manageable.

RSS Reader
This year, I started using an RSS reader to subscribe to my favorite fantasy football articles. I subscribe using Google Reader and then quickly skim the articles in Mr. Reader (an iPad app).

Rotoworld Player News
I also like the Rotoworld Player News iPad app.
For rankings, I rely almost solely on, which compiles around 100 or more expert rankings each week. Their free service, My Playbook, where you can import your fantasy team, is a must-use resource. is a major time saver!

NFL Fantasy Live
I don’t often get to watch NFL Fantasy Live, but it’s a good program that airs on online (and on NFL Network) Monday through Friday, as well as Sunday before game time. When I have some spare moments, I try to watch parts of an episode or two online (picking and choosing among segments listed in the sidebar).

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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