State of the Blog 2019

A photo of the blog from the SWS Guest House in Seoul, Korea, Feb. 2008.

Writing has long been part of my life. I’ve kept a journal for 30 years (see 5 Benefits of Journaling). And, now I’ve written on the blog half that time, compiling more than 1,200 posts (including some by Joleen).

I’ve blogged long enough to know that we go through seasons. I’ve written similar posts in 2008 and 2010 (Why We Blog and Where Do We Go From Here?). But the blog has always been a good way to communicate, as well as process learnings we might not otherwise think about or remember.

The blog began as a way to post notes from sermons (2004) for both Joleen and me, then we added events such as seminars and D.Min. classes shortly afterward. When we began our journey toward adoption in 2007, the blog became a space to share updates and details.

We were late to the Facebook party, partly because of the blog. I joined in 2015; Joleen joined after my stroke in order to update friends and family members.

Since then, we’ve tended to post on Facebook rather than write blog posts. So, we haven’t been as active on the blog in the last two to three years. Of course, the stroke a year and a half ago certainly didn’t help.

But I’m looking forward to doing a bit more writing on the blog in the next season for things like books, leadership, and spiritual reflection, and perhaps more on my stroke recovery and what I’m learning in the process.

I hope it will be helpful for others. But I know it will be helpful for me. As always, thanks for reading!

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