Say No to the Plateau!

A sense of urgency was drilled into me early on after my stroke. Doctors, nurses, and therapists made sure I knew that time was of the essence in my recovery. While that was certainly true, I remember reading something from a speech therapist that has stuck with me ever since.

In November 2017, shortly after coming home after 40 days in the hospital and rehab, I read a quote from Nancy Helm-Estabrooks, who said …

… let’s not any of us talk about ‘plateaus.’ Let’s all just keep on climbing!

I loved that, and it has served as a motto ever since!

In recovery, a plateau is a leveling off or reaching a point where progress has stopped.

It is true that the early days, weeks, and months are vitally important during recovery. But, once you get through those first several months, it is a matter of building strength and fine-tuning, and quite frankly, refusing to give up!

This is certainly true in recovery, but it’s true in other areas, as well. It’s true in our spiritual life. I’ve written about my favorite biblical word for discipleship, training (Train was my One Word for 2015). No matter how close we are to God, we can always draw closer!

In June, I listened to an awesome podcast where Jon Gordon interviewed Chadd Wright, a former Navy SEAL. It was so awesome that I have listened to it four times (and I *rarely* listen to podcasts more than once). Chadd said …

There is always a way to accomplish your goal. There’s always a way to overcome no matter what the mountain that has been placed before you.

And, I love what Chadd said …

You have to take quitting off the table!

What would it look like if we took quitting off the table?

Of course, we know from Jesus that nothing is impossible. I will always remember jotting down two different phrases by Jesus at a prayer meeting nine days before the stroke. The first was “… apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15.5, NLT), but the one that especially applies here was …

“… with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19.26, NASB).

With God all things are possible! That’s why we can’t give up. That’s why we have to take quitting off the table. Don’t let plateaus become barriers. Say no the plateau!

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