Don’t just believe stuff, do stuff.

Do you have a tool, an appliance, or a gadget somewhere around the house collecting dust, something you bought (or were given) one time but have never used? A lot of us probably do, and it makes me (Randy) think of Radio Shack’s slogan, “Don’t just buy stuff, do stuff.” Radio Shack’s slogan also makes … Read more

Our Best Money Practices

Randy’s message on Sunday included a brief rundown of our best money practices. We believe it’s extremely important to have good money practices, but the purpose of good money practices is more than building a savings account or preparing for the future. The real purpose of good money practices is to honor God. John Wesley … Read more

“August Rush”

Yesterday, we went to see the movie, August Rush (official movie site). The movie caught our attention a few weeks ago the moment we saw the first preview/commercial on TV. We knew immediately that this is a movie we wanted to see as soon as possible. August Rush just opened in theaters this past Wednesday. … Read more

{Parenting} Shaping a God-Centered Culture

As you can imagine, we’re preparing to bring home our (first) child from Korea in early 2008 (sometime around February, possibly). In addition to practical things like getting a crib ready, we’re also thinking about the kind of environment, or culture, that we want to create in which to raise a child. “… one of … Read more

Operation Christmas Child

Every year, Samaritan’s Purse conducts a wonderful outreach called “Operation Christmas Child.” We’ve been able to participate in this ministry for the last several years through some of the churches we serve. This week is the week shoe boxes are delivered to drop-off locations all across the country, which will then be delivered to larger … Read more

Legendary Coaches: John Wooden

As we reach the end of this series of posts about legendary coaches from the special feature on the We Are Marshall DVD, we’re ready to learn from one of the greatest leaders/coaches in sports history, John Wooden. “… never cease trying to be the best you can be.” (Wooden) On teaching … A coach … Read more

Legendary Coaches: George Horton

We’re nearing the end of this series of posts about legendary coaches from the special feature on the We Are Marshall DVD. See my (Randy) earlier posts on Jack Lengyel, Bobby Bowden, Pat Summit, and Lute Olson. “… it’s the quality of time that we spend.” (Horton) Of all the coaches featured, I was the … Read more

Legendary Coaches: Lute Olson

I’ve (Randy) been posting quotes from the legendary coaches special feature on the We Are Marshall DVD. So far, I’ve covered Jack Lengyel, Bobby Bowden, and Pat Summit. Lute Olson has some great quotes as well. “If you’re going to be good, you’re gonna have to be dedicated.” (Olson) On motivation … If you’re gonna … Read more

Legendary Coaches: Pat Summit

We’re in the middle of a series of posts with quotes from the We Are Marshall DVD, specifically the legendary coaches special feature. So far, we’ve posted quotes by Jack Lengyel and Bobby Bowden. Next up, Pat Summit, who has had an incredible coaching career, coaching women’s basketball at the University of Tennessee. Pat Summit … Read more

Legendary Coaches: Bobby Bowden

Continuing with quotes from the Legendary Coaches special feature on the We Are Marshall DVD, next up is Florida State Head Football Coach Bobby Bowden Of all the coaches featured in this DVD spot, I think I transcribed more of Bobby Bowden’s words than any of the others. There’s some great leadership material here. “You … Read more