Seeing Red 2.0

IMG_0588On Friday, we received our second round of edits from the editor at Asbury. And just like the last time (Seeing Red), there’s a lot of red marks on the pages of our drafts!

The edited drafts came about a week late, leaving us only a week to return three cleaned up copies to the faculty members of our dissertation teams, so the rest of this week will be a bit stressful (but also exciting, knowing that the finish line for this part of our journey is getting closer!).

Thankfully, we’re working our way through the list of remaining tasks, which we posted earlier. Basically, after making the revisions in the next few days, it’ll just be a matter of getting ready for defenses (see Defenses Scheduled!), then making any changes recommended by our team members. Then at last, one final edit by the editor and one last round of red marks to plow our way through.

It’s funny. Our mentor describes both of our writing as clear and clean (in terms of grammar). Man, if our writing is clean, I’d hate to see our edits if our writing wasn’t clean! 😯

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