Ethan’s Adjustment

All along, Ethan’s adjustment through this transition has been a primary concern. We’ve been here less than two week so far, but his adjustment is going quite well.

He certainly has been through much the past couple of weeks, not to mention the last 5 months: different people coming over to the house at Manor Hill while we packed, and his first “sleep over” at Grandma’s while we pulled an all-nighter to finish packing before the movers came.

Now he finds himself in a new home. He had a couple of rough nights — one night he kept waking up crying and we put in bed between us. We have never done that at home before (just when we stayed at a hotel). Even in our bed he was snuggled with my arm around him through the night, which was fine until my arm went to sleep. 🙂

But the last few nights, Ethan has been sleeping through the night well. He’s been going to bed well too. On previous nights, he didn’t want us to leave the room until he was asleep, but recently he’s been rolling right over, ready to go to sleep.

The most recent adjustment is that he’s now waking up in a good mood again. He woke up crying some at first and that’s just not like him. The last few mornings he’s been content to lay in his bed awhile after he wakes, sometimes trying out his vast new vocabulary while he lays there waiting for one of us to come and get him.

He is very clingy, though, especially toward me. At the church, he doesn’t venture very far. Sunday morning when I went in my office, he wouldn’t even let me put him down. He wanted me to hold him. That’s why it was so amazing that he went to the assistant lay leader so well during the service time.

We are sure it’s all a part of getting adjusted to his new surroundings. One person from West Side, who has two adopted daughters, said that even though he’s a bit clingy, she can still tell he’s a people baby.

I’m glad that he does as well as he does. After the two days of babysitters at West Side which changed every few hours, I said that he is going to know people quicker than I am! 😀


Ethan's First VBS
Ethan’s First VBS
Ethan attended his first night of Vacation Bible School Monday at West Side. The ages really begin at three years of age, so I stayed with him and we joined the preschool class. He did very well.

The theme is a beach theme, and during the opening songs when the kids were “surfing,” he put his hands up in the air, attempting the motions. Craft time was painting; Mommy opted out of that one. 🙂 Ethan watched the kids play games and got to throw the beach ball a couple of times (with it landing right at his feet.)

Ethan sat around the table with all the other boys and girls in his own little seat, listening to the story about Gideon. He got a bottle that each night the kids will add a memory verse and trinket. I was so impressed when Ethan put his trinket, a fish, in the bottle all by himself!

He’s pictured with his fish he could bring home. The children colored their fish. Ethan tried to put the crayon in his mouth more than he tried to color, but he did color a few light strokes all by himself.

Sometimes I look at him in amazement at how he’s growing up so quickly. He is 13 months old today.

First Sunday

We have our first Sunday in! And all went well. I attended the Saturday evening praise service at West Side, but the SPRC was gracious in lining up someone else to preach this week. I said a few words of introduction and made the announcements and prayer concerns (good practice for Sunday morning) followed by a time of prayer. Ethan enjoyed the service with us. Last week all three of us were able to attend this service together.

West Side has an early service on Sundays throughout the summer. It is located in the Chapel in the basement of the church. I joked with Wesley Chapel when I was leaving Manor Hill, saying, “I won’t have anyone to practice on!” They were my first of three services on Sundays. But this summer I still get to preach twice on Sundays.

West Side hosted a Coffee Hour following the service so I could meet the people of the congregation. It was a very nice time and the people were all very warm and welcoming and very complementary regarding my first service. I certainly don’t remember all the names, but I am beginning to put some names and faces together.

Randy’s first service at Centre Grove went well too. They are holding a dessert and fellowship next Sunday, just before their monthly “concert on the lawn” series, so that we can meet the people there. Everyone has been very warm and welcoming of us!

Our services are scheduled in such a way that the only time we need childcare is during West Side’s 10:45 service (and/or Randy’s 10:15). The previous Sunday I attended this service in order to acquaint Ethan with the nursery. He did very well. But we don’t want him in the nursery all the time so that he knows what church is.

This Sunday the assistant lay leader kept Ethan. He had not met her prior to the service, but he went with her and did very well. He fell asleep during my sermon, as usual 🙂 . It was just as though Ethan knew that this was Mommy’s time to lead worship, and he cooperated.

We are grateful to God for the day.

First Fourth

Hhaving brought Ethan home from Korea less than 5 months ago, we find ourselves marking a lot of firsts during this time.

Yesterday was our first Fourth of July celebration with Ethan. And, because of the move, it was also our first day off in a while, a day to catch our breath and relax a little before our first weekend in our new churches.

We grilled out for the first time this year. Ethan spent time in his new pool. And we finished the day with our first trip to the Old Town Road Dairy.

Here are some photos from the day …

Prayers for the Transition

A few weeks ago, I prepared a list of prayer points, at Centre Grove’s request, to help guide people in praying for us during this time of transition. I’ve updated the prayer points for this post and invite you to be in prayer for us as well as Centre Grove and West Side as we get started.

  • Ask God to strengthen us as we continue to get settled in Clearfield.
  • Ask God to grant us favor at Centre Grove and West Side and with the people of Clearfield. May God give us a renewed sense of vision and passion, as well as courage to lead others as God leads us.
  • Ask God to bless Ethan who’s making his second major move in less than 5 months (of course, this time, he gets to keep the same parents, culture, language, etc. 🙂 ). We plan to say more about how he’s handling the transition sometime later.
  • Ask God to give us wisdom (knowing what’s right) and courage (doing what’s right, even when it’s hard).
  • Ask God to bless our walks with God, including our daily time with God. May God give us listening hearts so that we may discern God’s yearning for ourselves, our family, and for the communities God calls us to lead.

See also: Praying for Pastors and Prayers for the Journey.

Thanks for your prayers!