Ethan’s First Fireworks

The Fireman’s Parade ended where we were seated about 8:30 pm. We packed up the stroller and returned home. By that time, Ethan was ready to go to bed. We followed our evening routine (getting Ethan dressed for bed, reading a Bible story, praying with Ethan while he drinks milk from his sippy cup). Tonight … Read more

Ethan’s First Parade

This week is the Clearfield County Fair, a big week in the life of Clearfield. One of the highlights is the Fireman’s Parade which took place this evening. The parade is like one continuous block party. Someone told us you have to “earn” a place along the route, which can take years. It’s a good … Read more

Loose Reunion

Saturday, July 26 was the Loose Reunion. Loose is pronounced with a long o, as in “low.” My maternal grandmother, Sara Aurandt, was a Loose. There are now only two surviving siblings from that generation — my great aunt Esther Strayer who lives in Newport, PA whose health prevented her from coming this year, and … Read more

Task Management

How do you manage and keep track of your tasks? Do you scribble notes on a piece of scrap paper or write a daily/weekly To-Do list? Do you use a daily planner, a PDA, or use an application on your computer or on the Internet? Lately, I’ve been thinking about my own journey of managing … Read more

What Ethan is Teaching Us About Change

I often say (somewhat cautiously) that I like change. For one thing, I’m in the business of change — is there any greater change than the kind of life transformation (i.e., change!) people experience through Christ? This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a … Read more

Slow Down in the Curves!

Some of the more popular search topics that bring people to this blog are searches related to Andy Stanley. I’ve written about Andy Stanley’s (and Lanes Jones’) book, Communicating for a Change before (see One-Point Preaching). This book has been the single most impacting book I’ve read on preaching. The first part of the book … Read more

Ethan’s First Mission Project

Ethan completed his first mission project just before leaving Manor Hill, with the help of the Manor Hill congregations. At Dave and Jean Norris’ retirement dinner, there was a Mission Central “relay baton” at each table. Because of his birth date (the baton went to whose birthday was the closest at the time), Ethan received … Read more

Transparency and Risk

Looking at our blog now, you might think that posting pictures of Ethan has always been *easy* for us. 🙂 Truth is, we struggled with whether or not to post that very first referral picture last September. We ended up posting one (of the 6 photos we received) in the It’s a Boy! post. When … Read more


Life. Leadership. God’s Mission. Those are the areas we’ve chosen to write about on this blog. But those areas have developed over time. We started out simply posting the text of our sermons. Later, we began reflecting on, and writing about, leadership. Over the course of the past year, we’ve begun writing a lot more … Read more


These pictures are a little slow in coming, but we couldn’t resist sharing them. Ethan was quite the helper with our unpacking.