Appreciative Inquiry: A Transformational Leadership Strategy

In our dissertation work (at Asbury Theological Seminary), Joleen and I chose Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as the strategy for our field research (at the suggestion of our mentor, Dr. Russell West). AI, which grew out of Dr. David Cooperrider’s Ph.D. work in the 1980s, is a response to more traditional approaches that tend to focus … Read more

Defenses Scheduled!

Two weeks ago, we posted that we had mailed the defense-ready drafts of our dissertations to our mentor, who delivered them to the doctor of ministry office on March 6 (after one last read-through). In the meantime, the editor at Asbury is currently editing them (they should be returned to us within the next few … Read more

The Rest of the (Dissertation) Story

Now that our defense-ready drafts are on their way to Asbury (see last post), the countdown to the end of the journey officially begins. The finish line is now in sight! So, what’s next? We’re certainly not done yet, but our to-do list is getting much shorter … Our mentor will receive our drafts this … Read more

Oh, What a Relief!

Today was a huge day on our dissertation journey. If you’ve read our latest posts, Back to School and Back to School 2.0 (including several of my daily updates last week in the comments section of the second post), you know we returned from Korea with a big deadline looming over us. At first, we … Read more

Back to School 2.0

A week ago, I wrote about going Back to School. But it was probably too optimistic to think that we could hit the ground running so soon after our return from Korea — adjusting with Ethan, recovering from the flu, and now battling cold/sore throats; thankfully, Ethan continues to be well!). But we did read … Read more

Back to School

If bringing a child into our family and dealing with the adjustment issues that go along with an international adoption from Korea were not enough, it’s time for both of us to resume our work on our dissertations on Tuesday (God willing!). As some of you may recall, we had just submitted a rough draft … Read more

First Full Drafts Done!

If you’ve been following our doctor of ministry journey and/or adoption journey, you know we’ve both been pushing to get our first full, 5-chapter drafts in to our mentor by the time we go to Korea. Expecting a call from Korea any day now has put the pressure on us to get them done (not … Read more

Cross-Cultural Experience

As part of our Doctor of Ministry program at Asbury, we are required to complete a cross-cultural experience. We plan to complete our cross-cultural experience in Korea (when we go to pick up our baby). Thanks to our bishop, Bishop Jane Allen Middleton, for putting us in contact with Bishop Jeremiah Park (bishop of NY … Read more

What’s God up to?

In my journal this morning, I wrote a prayer related to the time crunch we’re currently facing. We are expecting to receive a call to go to Korea to pick up our baby anytime within the next few weeks AND we are actively (frantically?) working toward finishing the first complete, 5-chapter rough draft of our … Read more

Field Research

Over the course of the last several weeks, we have both conducted field research for our dissertation work. Between us, our travels have taken across Pennsylvania, as well as to New York and Ohio. In our last D.Min. update, we announced our topics. Joleen is studying integrated small groups and Randy is studying how leader/communicators … Read more