{Parenting} Shaping a Servant Culture

Christ-followers are servants! We want to raise Ethan in a culture where serving God and others is part of the DNA. A culture where serving God/others is part of the DNA is a culture which says … It’s not about me! Rick Warren begins his book, The Purpose-Driven Life, with the words, “It’s not about … Read more

Sleepless in Pennsylvania

A few weeks ago, someone asked me if we were able to sleep due to thinking about our upcoming adoption. I said we weren’t having any trouble sleeping. Thankfully, we’ve not really had too much of a problem sleeping. Even when I was going through the worst of the merger process with Alexandria, Barree, and … Read more

It’s Time!

The call from our adoption agency (informing us that our baby is legally ready for travel) came in this morning at 11:12 am! Now, it’s time to pull out our list-of-things-to-do-after-the-call-comes and get to work on it! While we have not yet finalized arrangements, we expect to travel to Korea sometime next week. Frankly, we … Read more

First Full Drafts Done!

If you’ve been following our doctor of ministry journey and/or adoption journey, you know we’ve both been pushing to get our first full, 5-chapter drafts in to our mentor by the time we go to Korea. Expecting a call from Korea any day now has put the pressure on us to get them done (not … Read more

Cross-Cultural Experience

As part of our Doctor of Ministry program at Asbury, we are required to complete a cross-cultural experience. We plan to complete our cross-cultural experience in Korea (when we go to pick up our baby). Thanks to our bishop, Bishop Jane Allen Middleton, for putting us in contact with Bishop Jeremiah Park (bishop of NY … Read more


The topic of my devotional reading yesterday was about remembering God’s grace in my life and being humbled in the midst of that thought. Sometimes I revolt at such words, thinking they are close to self-debasement, but this devotional does not read like that to me today. I know I owe everything to God. I … Read more

{Parenting} Shaping a Leadership Culture

One of the things I look forward to as a parent is raising Ethan in the context of a leadership culture. Leadership is important to us; we’re both leaders. While we don’t yet know what gifts God has given him (and others God may develop in him in the future), we certainly want to provide … Read more

Another Photo of Our Boy

We believe we have entered “the window” of time when we could get the call to go to Korea. With each passing day, the likelihood of a call becomes more likely. While we don’t know when the call will come, we expect it to come within the next few weeks. This week we received a … Read more

Our New Digs!

After toying around with the idea of moving our blog from Typepad to a WordPress-powered site (hosted by Dreamhost) for a while, we made a sudden decision to make the move today. We’ve been Typepad users for a few years now but have decided to move our blog to a WordPress-powered site. We were concerned … Read more

Some Assembly Required

Parents, in particular, will recognize these three words: Some assembly required! We’ve already gotten a little taste of them, too, as we prepare to bring Ethan home. We both put a crib together a few weeks ago, and my latest project was putting together a stroller. Actually, I took on the task of choosing the … Read more