Prayers for the Church: Movement

Last Sunday, I began a sermon series called Cultivating a Movement. It’s a series designed to help us put ourselves in a place where God can move in and through us.

The series will last several weeks. It won’t be an exhaustive list, and it’s certainly not intended to be a formula, because I don’t know the formula. But I began with Surrender because I believe movements begins with people who are fully surrendered to God!

O God, thank you for all you are doing, and for inviting us to participate in what you are doing in the world! Thank you for rescuing us from sin and death and for involving us in your ongoing rescue mission to save the world!

If your people will humbly pray, seek your face, and turn from their wicked ways, then you will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7.14). O Lord, please do something unpredictable and uncontrollable. As we humble ourselves and seek you, you will move in and through us!

Lord, please use us. Use us to make your name great! We are here to serve you. We have entered into the ministry of Jesus, to the Father, through the Holy Spirit, on behalf of the world!

As we serve you, help us to rely on your power. As the Newsboys sing, “Let heaven roar. Let fire fall. Come shake the ground with the sound of revival!” (“God’s Not Dead”). As that happens, may we truly be a people among whom you can move. We thank you, in advance, for all you will do. May it be done all, and only, for your glory! Amen.

(Previous prayers for the Church include: awakening, transformational leaders, urgency, hope, health, compassion, action, unity, power, favor, endurance, trust, discipline, courage, vision, provision, humble & hungry, patience & persistence, unpredictable & uncontrollable, receptive hearts, and growing disciples).

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