Praying for the Church at Christmastime

What an exciting time! And, what an incredible opportunity for the Church as we celebrate Christmas—God’s rescue mission to save the world!

As the Church prepares to celebrate Jesus’ birth, and offer Christ, over the next few days, here’s what I find myself praying.

O God, thank you for your great love, and for sending your Son Jesus Christ to rescue the world!

Thank you for rescuing us and for calling us to be part of your rescue mission to save the world. During this season, please use your Church as never before to be a light, and a voice of hope, in a dark and hopeless world. Give us favor, and please use us to make your name great!

Lord, “enable your servants to speak your word with complete confidence” (Acts 4.29, CEB). “God’s kingdom isn’t about words but about power” (1 Corinthians 4.20, CEB), so please empower what we say and do so that it will breathe life into people’s hearts!

May people’s hearts be open to the work of your Spirit this Christmas season, especially as seekers attend worship services over the next few days. May our worship honor you, and may it transform all who attend, both followers and seekers!

Thank you, O God, for all you are doing this season. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in what you are doing in the world! Amen.

What are you praying this Christmas?

(I invite you to join me in praying for the Church. See previous prayers: awakening, transformational leaders, urgency, hope, health, compassion, action, unity, power, favor, endurance, trust, discipline, courage, vision, provision, humble & hungry, patience & persistence, unpredictable & uncontrollable, and receptive hearts).

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